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What mission planning app should I use?
What mission planning app should I use?

Learn how to use an autonomous flight planning app to capture data

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The app you choose will depend on the drone you are flying, and what you are using for the app platform (i.e. iOS, Android, desktop). Then it comes down to personal preference.
We recommend checking out Pix4D Capture (supports Android, iOS - DJI, Autel and select other drones), or DJI GS Pro (iOS and DJI only).

Drone Link (Supports iOS and Android for DJI drones) is also worth checking out if you have a mini drone by DJI, which are unsupported by the other mission planning apps as of now.
​Autel Explorer App (supports iOS and Android for Autel drones) is really useful as the general flying app is the same one you use for mapping mission planning.

Don't worry about paying - the free versions of these apps do the job!

Here are some intro videos for each of those options to help you get started:

Pix4D capture


Autel Explorer


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