What is GeoNadir?

How GeoNadir works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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At GeoNadir, we make drone mapping even better.

We do this by being the best place to manage, process, analyse, and collaborate with your drone mapping data.

  1. Revolutionary data management: All your drone mapping data organized in one place, free and ready for you to analyze. Optionally contribute to our global drone data repository and stop searching through hard drives today!

  2. Simplified, hassle-free processing: We take care of your data processing, delivering high-quality orthomosaics, DSMs, and DTMs, absolutely free. No expensive hardware or complex cloud pricing models – our service does it all, effortlessly.

  3. Intuitive and versatile analysis: Measure and annotate your data without the typical GIS complexities. Seamlessly import/export vectors, access datasets, or integrate with your preferred spatial platforms to supercharge your AI algorithms.

  4. Seamless collaboration: Share your drone mapping projects with your team and clients. Our real-time multi-player tools enable interactive mapping, so you can view and comment on shared projects anytime, fostering deeper client engagement.

  5. Global data repository: Tap into a vast global data hub to fuel your AI models. Validate and calibrate your geospatial products with ease. Enhance your projects by integrating global data, extending your coverage to unlock limitless possibilities.

We believe geospatial insights are vital for solving Earth’s biggest challenges. Think climate change, food security, biodiversity protection and restoration, and building sustainable cities.

Drones capture the ultimate in highly detailed Earth observation geospatial data to help solve these challenges. But workflows to process these data are costly and challenging. Data are often locked away, and collaboration across and between teams is weak.

We want drone mapping and geospatial collaboration to be as easy as it is to buy a drone. Where everyone with a drone has access to the technology to use it for Earth observation insights. And because we know that we achieve the most when we work together, we wanted to build simple, intuitive, and delightful tools to enable this.

Drone mapping and Earth observation is already great. We created GeoNadir to make it even better.

For a quick tour, check out the video below.

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