The GeoNadir glossary

These are words you’ll commonly see when you use GeoNadir

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Dataset - A dataset consists of a collection of raw images uploaded by a user from a drone flight; metadata of each image; basic information added by the user (tags, credits, etc.); and the processed orthomosaic, digital surface model, and digital terrain model. A dataset can be added to one, many, or no projects.

DSM - Digital surface model

DTM - Digital terrain model


Orthomosaic - The output from a process where a number of overlapping photos (e.g. from a drone or aerial camera) are stitched together with distortions removed to create a complete and continuous image representation or map of a portion of the earth.


Project - A project may contain drone mapping datasets as well as vector overlays that you upload or create.


Snapping - Found inside projects, this allows you to make sure that lines and polygons you digitise don't contain gaps or overlaps.


Vector - points, lines, polygons, and text that you add to interpret or annotate within projects

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