What is the FAIR Geo global map

The meaning of FAIR, and how to access and contribute to the global map

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Datasets that are FAIR are available for all who visit the platform to view and use. FAIR is the term used to reflect the 'Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable' principles we were founded on and continue to operate under.

When you upload your data, you have the choice to contribute it to the FAIR Geo global map. You can change this choice at any time.

Data on the FAIR Geo global map is available for all to access and download the raw imagery. Users under a subscription will also be able to download the processed products.

Making your data FAIR is of great value to scientists and researchers all over the world who use these data to better understand global ecosystems. You can learn more about our unique model of building a circular drone data economy here.

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