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What is a tile mapping service (TMS)?
What is a tile mapping service (TMS)?
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A Tile Mapping Service (TMS) link allows you to stream data as a basemap into another platform or software. A tiled web map is a map displayed in a web browser by seamlessly joining dozens of individually requested images or vector data files.
This saves you the hassle of downloading GeoTIFF files, then having to reupload them elsewhere. This is a critical component to the 'interoperable' part of the FAIR principles upon which GeoNadir is built.

Accessing the TMS link for a GeoNadir orthomosaic

  1. Open the details of a dataset

  2. At the top of the metadata, copy the highlighted TMS link (paid subscriptions only)

  3. Add this into your external mapping platform of choice (see example videos below)

Using a TMS

Websites and software that allow you to use TMS links include:

  1. GIS software such as QGIS, or ESRI ArcGIS

  2. Navigation and mapping apps like Spotfire, GaiaGPS, and Bit Map

  3. GIS learning or data analytics platforms including Agisoft Metashape, Scribblemaps, GIS cloud, Mapbox, Leaflet, Merkaartor, NASA WorldWind, and Blue Marble Geographics.

This is only a small sample as many other websites allow a third party TMS input. TMS is a widely used technology for delivering large amounts of map data over the internet, allowing fast and efficient rendering of maps in web and mobile applications.
The TMS feature for streaming orthomosaics is available under our Advanced and Professional offerings. Note that you cannot stream the DSM or DTM products.

How to stream GeoNadir orthomosaics into ArcGIS Pro

How to stream GeoNadir orthomosaics into ArcGIS Online

How to stream GeoNadir orthomosaics into QGIS

For further reading, here is the OSGeo Wikipedia entry for TMS:

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