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What drones does GeoNadir support?
What drones does GeoNadir support?
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The drone or sensor platform you use doesn't matter as long as your images are geotagged with location information. Our platform can process geotagged images from a wide range of drones and sensors. Geotagging is what's crucial for us to accurately process and display your data.

While we don't have specific drone or sensor brand endorsements, we can share that we have successfully processed geotagged images from various drone and sensor platforms. Some of the platforms that have been used and tested successfully by our users include:

  • DJI drones (e.g., DJI Phantom series, DJI Mavic series)

  • Parrot drones (e.g., Parrot Anafi)

  • SenseFly drones (e.g., eBee series)

  • Autel drones (e.g. EvoII)

  • Skydio drones (e.g. Skydio-2)

  • Sentera drones

  • Other customize built drone platforms attaching GoPro, Canon or SONY cameras.

Please note that the key factor is ensuring your images have accurate geotags. Another tip would be using the JPEG output as raw images (RAW or DNG format) are not supported.

If you're unsure whether your images are properly geotagged, we recommend checking the documentation or settings of your drone or sensor to ensure that the GPS or location data is being recorded and embedded in the image files. If you need assistance with geotagging or have questions about specific equipment, feel free to reach out to our support team, and we'll be happy to help you ensure your data is ready for processing.

Remember, our goal is to make the data processing experience as seamless as possible, regardless of the drone or sensor you use. Geotagged images are the key to unlocking the full potential of your data analysis.

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