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Creating terrain profiles
Creating terrain profiles

This will help you get an elevation or topographic cross section profile from your DSM and DTM layers

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Editors of a project within a Professional or Pro + workspace.

The terrain profile tool on GeoNadir allows you to visualize and analyze elevation changes across a landscape. It creates a cross-sectional view of your terrain and also shows the differences between your DSM and DTM. You can use this difference to estimate vegetation and building heights.

  1. Select a dataset

  2. Select a line

  3. Click the terrain profile tool from the top menu bar (or use the keyboard shortcut 'Shift + T')

Note that the elevation values as shown on the y-axis of the terrain profile will not be correct unless you have uploaded GCPs with your data. While the horizontal positional accuracy of drone data is usually within a couple of meters of reality, the vertical positioning can be several meters off. Learn how to add GCPs to your workflow here.

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