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Working with projects
Working with projects

How to use projects to analyze and collaborate with your drone mapping data

What is the difference between a dataset and a project
How to create a projectUploading data to a project, creating vector layers, inviting collaborators
Adding datasets to a projectAnalyze data that you've previously uploaded, or backfill from our global repository. Add these datasets to a project and you're good to go!
Changing dataset transparencyThis is a great way to 'see through' from one layer to the next
How to analyze and label your dataHaving image data is one thing, but here's how we annotate and digitize the information in our images.
How to add vectors to a project
How to export layers from a projectExport your vectors and drone mapping rasters from inside a project
How can I share my GeoNadir projects and insights?Invite your collaborators and clients to work with you in real time
How to compare datasets and layersUse the compare tool to swipe between multiple layers to evaluate differences and change
Increasing your access to mapping functions with the right mouse clickNot every function or tool has it's own button. That's where right clicking comes in handy.
How to crop your datasets to polygonsCrop, clip, or mask your datasets to your required area of interest
Projections, datums, and coordinate systemsBackground on spatial referencing and how to convert projections and coordinate systems
Creating terrain profilesThis will help you get an elevation or topographic cross section profile from your DSM and DTM layers
Combining polygons with Boolean operatorsLearn how to use the union and intersect tools to analyze your polygon features and layers
What is the greenness index?Understand how to access the greenness index, how it is calculated, and why it is useful
Calculating volumeUse a DSM or DTM to calculate the volume above and below a base level from a polygon
Changing the appearance of datasetsChange the style and opacity of your orthomosaic, dsm, and dtm, including calculating the greenness index
Accessing geospatial tools via the GeoNadir toolboxFor quick and easy access to all the GeoNadir geospatial tools, click on the toolbox on the top menu bar
How to inspect dataset and layer values at a given cursor locationUse the inspect layers to discover the RGB or elevation at a point, the greenness value, or the name of a feature.