How to create a project

Uploading data to a project, creating vector layers, inviting collaborators

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Who can use this feature

Anyone who is signed into their account, to the following limits:

Essentials 1 project

Advanced 3 projects

Professional 10 projects

Enterprise Unlimited projects

Project benefits

Projects allow you to quickly and easily analyze drone mapping datasets. You can:

  1. Collaborate in real time with your colleagues and clients

  2. Upload datasets for processing

  3. Add datasets (orthomosaic, DSM, DTM) of your own or backfill from the FAIR Geo global map

  4. Import / export vectors

  5. Draw and edit points/lines/polygons/text

  6. Change the style of the vector layers (color and transparency)

  7. Change the transparency of an orthomosaic, DSM, DTM to 'see through' to other layers

  8. Use comparison tools to view the differences between layers and datasets

  9. Easily see the coordinates of points, length of the lines, and area of the polygons

Uploading new dataset into to a project

  1. Open a project

  2. Drag and drop your raw drone mapping jpg files (or folders of data) to commence the upload and processing sequence. Learn more about the upload workflow here.

Adding extra datasets to your project

  1. Go to My Geo or FAIR Geo (depending on whose datasets you were wanting to use in your project).

  2. Find the dataset you would like to store and open the dataset details.

  3. From the dataset details page click add to project.

  4. Select the project to which you would like to add the data, or create a new project.

Your project should now be populated with the dataset you selected.

Annotating your data

Inside your project, you can create new layers using points, lines, and polygons to annotate your datasets. Each layer type will contain the following attributes:

  • Points - latitude and longitude

  • Lines - length

  • Polygons - area

Line layers will also have the total length of all lines within the layer displayed. Polygon layers will have the total area of all polygons within the layer displayed.

You can change the colour, size, and transparency of layers by clicking on the layer symbol in the contents listing.

โ€‹ Inviting collaborators

You can invite your colleagues and clients to view and comment on your projects.

  1. Click share

  2. Add the email/s of the people you would like to collaborate with

  3. Select their access level to view or comment

  4. Click invite

Your colleagues will then receive an email to join your project.

You can also copy the URL directly from your browser window, or click to copy the link in the invite pop up window. Then all you need to do is send that link to your colleagues.

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