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Navigating the map interface
Navigating the map interface

Learn how to use a variety of tools to navigate the map and explore data

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On the right hand side of any map, you will see the map navigation tools. Here's what they do:

  1. Zoom in

  2. Zoom out

  3. Zoom to full extent - if you are looking at datasets, this will take you to the full global extent. If you are inside a project, it will take you to the extent of all your layers.

  4. Zoom to my location - this will take you to the IP address location of your computer. Note that you will need to allow your browser to view your location. You can learn how to do that here.

  5. Change drone product (orthomosaic, DSM, DTM) and base map (satellite, map, or clear)

  6. Make measurements (lines and areas)

  7. Draw - this will open a drawing toolbar from which you can select to create points, lines, or polygons. Note that this button is not available from inside a project as the drawing tools are automatically available on the top menu bar.

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