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How to add vectors to a project
How to add vectors to a project
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When working in a project, you have the option to upload vector layers (paid subscription only). Follow the steps below to incorporate your additional spatial data:

  1. Open the project

  2. Expand the project options drop down

  3. Click to import vectors

  4. Browse to add, or drag and drop your vector layers into the import dialog

You will then be able to interact with these layers in your project as normal to add, edit, or delete features, and to change their symbology.

Supported file types

  1. The supported file types are GeoJSON, CSV, KML, GPX, and Esri shapefiles.

  2. All layers must use the WGS 84 (EPSG:4326) spatial reference system.

  3. A shapefile can be zipped into a single package, but take care to include the dbf, prj, shp, and shx.

  4. It is helpful to have a field called 'name' (not case sensitive) within your imported layer

  5. Features within the layer will be attributed with the 'name' information when they appear on GeoNadir.

  6. CSV files should contain a minimum of three columns - name, latitude, longitude.

  7. Coordinates should be in decimal degrees.


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