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How is my data kept secure?
How is my data kept secure?

This article describes where GeoNadir data is stored, and the steps we take to keep your data secure.

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We understand the importance of data security and are building multiple layers of protection into all aspects of our platform.

When users sign up to GeoNadir we only collect an email address. No other identifiable data is collected or required, unless provided by the user in their user profile.

Drone mapping data users upload to GeoNadir is stored on AWS servers in Sydney, Australia.

GeoNadir employs best practice data security protocols and is supported by AWS to conduct regular security audits on the GeoNadir database as hosted on AWS.

Identity management is controlled by two factor authentication with users required to sign in via a code sent to the registered email address.

All payment processing for subscriptions is handled by Stripe via their secure platform. GeoNadir does not store any credit card information on our platform.

Users on GeoNadir are bound by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and have control over how their data is shared and accessed by others.

GeoNadir uses other marketing tools such as Google Mail, Intercom, Mixpanel, PipeDrive, Slack, and Kartra which receives data from the GeoNadir platform such as the user email, IP address, user actions on the platform (such as data uploads, project creation, email opens, etc). These tools support the user experience on the platform and allow us to communicate effectively with our users. No credit card information is shared with these tools.

If you have any questions or concerns about your data security, then reach out to us at: [email protected]

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