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Editing dataset metadata
Editing dataset metadata

Adding or changing details about the data you upload

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What is dataset metadata?

Metadata is 'data about the data'. In our context, it's the additional information about your drone mapping dataset that you upload.

There are two key types of dataset metadata on GeoNadir

  1. Data that are inherent to the data that you upload, like the date/time of capture, location, altitude, type of camera, number of photos etc. You cannot edit this metadata.

  2. Additional information that you provide. This includes the dataset name, who captured the data, a description, and any acknowledgements. These fields are all editable by the dataset owner.

How to edit the metadata

  1. Open the dataset details

  2. Click the pencil icon near the location name towards the top left. Note that you will only see that icon for a dataset that you uploaded.

  3. Edit any of the details as necessary

  4. Save

What information should I include?

There are three main points:

  1. Start by coming up with a name for your dataset. A good place to start is the location of your data. Eg. Data captured on Carrie Bow Reef could be titled "Carrie Bow Reef, Belize"

  2. Writing a short description of your dataset is highly beneficial. This adds more value to those viewing your dataset and can include details you need for when you use it in the future.

  3. We encourage you to give credits to your collaborators or drone operator in case you didn't capture the data yourself.

For more details on creating great metadata, check out our article on our blog.

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