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How should I credit datasets that I use?
How should I credit datasets that I use?
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Thanks for asking! Acknowledging the work of others is super important to us. Every dataset has metadata associated with who captured the data, and others they wish to credit for assisting with data capture.

Please mention the person / people, and GeoNadir for helping to make it available in the acknowledgements section of a journal article, and any other location where you use the data or present your findings.

We have some metadata fields that you can refer to:

  1. At the top of each individual dataset, it shows the "captured by" and "institute" they are affiliated with;

  2. Sometimes users also like to put additional information in the "Description" and "Acknowledgements" field on the left hand side; or

  3. If none of those fields have valid information in them, feel free to give credits to the user who uploaded the dataset.

And remember to attach the dataset link(s) so that the others can always go have a look about what dataset(s) you used. Here's the link to the example dataset below, thanks to Jeffrey Gillan at the Bio5 Institute - University of Arizona.

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