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June 2024 - 06

  • Terrain profiles are available for looking at elevation differences along a line

  • Calculate the greenness index to look at biomass and vegetation indicators with RGB data

May 2024 - 05

  • Enhanced style bar to change the symbology properties of point, line, polygon, and text annotation layers, as well as opacity and labels.

  • Introduced workspaces for enhanced collaboration within and between teams

April 2024 - 04

  • Enabled GCP corrections as part of the upload workflow

  • Ability to crop orthos, dsm, and dtm with a polygon

March 2024 - 03

  • Click on a 'dot' on the map in the projects summary page and the information card for that project will show

  • New user interface for integrated subscription plan management across website and platform to allow easy upgrade and downgrades

  • Modified user interface for intuitively adding data into projects, including vectors

  • Range of user interface enhancements and bug fixes for speed and performance

February 2024 - 02

  • Have built a search function in to project listing to allow you to easily find your projects based on project name, tags, categories, or description fields.

  • Sort your project listing based on alphabetical, date modified, or date created.

  • Click on any tag in your project card to filter your projects by that tag.

  • Thumbnails for project cards will autogenerate based on the content in the project. You can still add a custom thumbnail.

  • We have removed the project description from the project card to allow more room for relevant tags to aid searching and filtering projects. The project description can still be accessed under the project details.

  • Clicking on the dataset habitat category when adding data to a project will filter the search listing based on that category.

  • When adding a dataset to a project, you can now filter by dataset location (your own data and/or FAIR geo global map, habitat category (based on IUCN listing), and specific date range.

  • Project locations are viewable as a point rather than bounding box when zoomed out to broad scales.

  • Two or more polygon features within a layer can be combined with the 'intersect' tool into a single feature representing the common overlapping area. The input features will be replaced by the intersected feature.

  • Two or more polygon features in different layers can be combined with the 'intersect' tool into a single feature representing the common overlapping area as a new layer.

  • Users can search for and add existing datasets into a project from inside the project. This combines datasets they have uploaded themselves as well as those on the FAIR Geo global map.

  • Clarified workflow guiding new users to create a project and upload or add data.

January 2024 - 01

  • Two or more polygon features within a layer can be combined with the 'union' tool to dissolve any overlapping areas into a single feature with combined area. The input features will be replaced by the union feature. Non-overlapping union features will become multi-part polygons.

  • Two or more polygon features in different layers can be combined with the 'union' tool to dissolve any overlapping areas into new layer with features representing the combined area.

  • We have added a range of enhanced 'right click' actions that can be performed on layers, features, and map views, including but not limited to

    • Changing draw order to bring layers forward / backward / to the front / to the back

    • Copying the lat/lon location of the cursor inside a project map

    • Copying the map view to clipboard

    • Saving and downloading the map view to *.png

    • Use 'only show this layer' to hide all others in the map view

  • User can swipe between layers inside a project to compare what is underneath.

  • Dataset details are viewable from within a project as a pop up with a link to the full details page.

  • Datasets that the user has made available on the FAIR Geo global map are denoted by a globe icon. This replaces the red padlock that signified datasets not on the FAIR map.

  • Collaborators within a project can now access additional functionality (subscription level dependent) through layers and datasets including zoom to location, dataset details, remove data from project, delete layers, show/hide labels.

  • Features that are part of paid subscription plans are now designated with a yellow crown.

December 2023 - 12

  • Enabled support for multispectral uploads (*.tiff) and processing

  • Users with the appropriate subscription can download multispectral orthomosaics

  • Users can now invite collaborators in their projects to edit in real time. This includes creating, editing, and deleting point, line, polygon, and text features, as well as uploading drone mapping datasets into the shared project

  • Project owners can remove collaborators from a project

November 2023 - 11

  • Cursor location of collaborators within a project is now visible in real time

  • New upload workflow released. Any user-added metadata (description, tags, etc.) will now apply to all datasets uploaded in a single event. Note that if you want different metadata for your datasets, simply initiate another upload.

  • Entire map interface will accept drag and drop dataset uploads.

October 2023 - 10

  • Invite collaborators to comment on your project

  • Can reply to comments

  • Comment owner and project owner can resolve comments

  • All commenting in real time

  • New help desk integrated

September release: 2023 - 9

August releases: 2023 - 8

  • Share your projects by copying the URL

  • Draw a selection box or use the ctrl (cmd) key to select multiple features

  • Undo / redo last edit now also functioning for deleting layers

  • Speed enhancement on orthomosaic, DSM, and DTM image tile loading

  • Enhanced speed and stability on dataset uploads

  • Ability to continue to upload datasets while one is already in progress, with automated queuing

July release: 2023 - 7

  • Enhanced range of keyboard shortcuts for both navigating and digitising

  • Significantly improved editing experience for digitising within projects including:

    • Selected feature in either table of contents or the map will appear selected in both

    • Can delete features and layers

    • Add, move, and delete vertices within a line or polygon

    • Move selected point, line, or polygon feature

    • Undo / redo last edit (not yet functioning for deleted layers)

    • Select multiple features and layers at once in either the table of contents or the map

    • Freehand digitising for line and polygon features

  • Snapping is now available for all digitising. It is turned on by default, but you can turn it off by clicking the down arrow next to the project name along your top toolbar.

June release: 2023 - 6

  • Revised sign in / sign up procedure is now simplified within a one time passcode for ease and security

  • URLs in any map window are now dynamic and include the current view location and zooming level. Sharing this URL will enable others to access the identical view

  • Users can now interactively adjust transparency of an orthomosaic, DSM, and DTM within a project

  • It is now possible to rearrange the order of datasets within a project

May release: 2023 - 5

  • DSMs and DTMs are now available to browse via my datasets and on the FAIR Geo global map

  • When a dataset is added to a project, the DSM and DTM are also included with the orthomosaic

  • Variety of bugs fixed and minor enhancements

April release: 2023 - 4

  • Ability to import and export vector layers into Projects

  • Users can upgrade and downgrade accounts from within the new 'subscription' page under their user profile

  • Various other bugs and enhancements

March release: 2023 - 3

  • User can create, save, duplicate, and delete projects

  • User can save annotations from any map layer into a new or existing project

  • Users can zoom to a location and remove datasets within a project

  • Users can add datasets to project from dataset details

  • Users can change project name using in-line editing within a project

  • Decimal points are included for measurements in features

  • Added the ability to toggle the units between km and m while drawing features

  • Various other bugs and enhancements

February 2023 - 2

  • Redesigned slimline dataset cards with new icons, tags, a secondary menu, and functions

  • The thumbnail on the dataset is now the first photo of the dataset.

  • Category names are auto-assigned according to IUCN and represented with different colours.

  • Previous category assignments have been moved into tags

  • The dataset card now displays the date of acquisition.

  • Users can now view the dataset details by clicking the dataset card (zoom to location is now a secondary function)

  • Orthomosaic images can be toggled on and off manually from the dataset card.

  • Users with paid subscriptions can make a number of datasets private or FAIR (public).

  • Various other bugs and enhancements

January 2023 - 1

  • Tile mapping server links generated for users to stream orthomosaics in GIS platforms e.g. ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, QGIS

  • Users can see dataset count, private dataset count, upload count, download count, and area mapped on the user profile page.

  • Ability to update the password in a separate tab on the profile page added.

  • Users can now view their private dataset count from the profile page.

  • Users can view and filter private datasets via my geo datasets page.

  • Various other bugs and enhancements

January Release Number: 2022.2.14

  • Users can mark datasets as private during the upload process.

  • Private users can change the privacy level of uploaded datasets

  • Various other bugs and enhancements

December release: 2022.2.13

  • Designed upload to refresh My datasets highlighting the upload area while file or folder drag and drop mouse hover

  • Designed upload popup banner with editable dataset title, review photos, and details.

  • Designed edit details page with edit functionality consisting of dataset description, captured by, institution, acknowledgment, and tags of individual datasets.

  • Designed uploading in progress percentage animation bar in the edit detail page on dataset upload

  • Designed confirmation message banner for uploading complete

  • Designed review photos page before upload

  • Designed the dataset upload section on the my-geo side panel along with dataset cards

  • Designed bbox area for the orthophoto generating process after dataset upload

  • Showed sign-in message if the user is logged out while trying to download raw photos and ortho photo

  • Redesigned the skinny tags on the dataset detail side panel to fit longer tags

  • Designed a social share popup banner

  • Designed downloading popup banner for raw photos

  • Designed multiple folder upload messages (choice of merging or separating the dataset)

  • Designed incompatible image format while uploading

  • Updated design for the empty datasets

  • Updated design for datasets with lots of data

  • Updated the upload page behaviour for multiple dataset upload

  • Created the ability for the user to do a final check on the images and the number of images before publishing

  • The user is now able to cancel the upload process at any stage before upload completion

  • The computer now wakes up until the upload is completed

  • The prompt message pops up reminding the user that the upload process is still active while trying to close the browser.

  • Users can now preview raw images before publishing through the upload

  • The user can edit the dataset title, description, captured by, institution, tags, acknowledgments, and location during the upload process before publishing

  • The metadata categories (uploaded by, date of capture, time of capture, drone/camera, image resolution, relative altitude, FOV, and the number of images in the dataset are added automatically.

  • Until the ortho photo is created the map will indicate “ Ortho Calculating” with a semi-transparent rectangle.

  • The timer limit for the upload per image has been increased from 50 sec to 500 sec so that the browser does not auto-fail the upload process for large-sized images.

  • When pressing back from the dataset details page, it now goes back to the previous zoom extent rather than global view

  • When selecting 'create layers' the zoom level now stays at the same zoom level so that the user can start creating without having to zoom

  • Anyone can now see another user’s social profile even without logging in

  • The upload pop up appearing issue has been resolved

  • The red dot on the detail page after ortho creation has been removed

October release: 2022.2.12

  • Designed My Geo - My Datasets

  • Designed the collapsible sidebar housing the GEO, My dataset, Global map, and profile logo

  • Designed the new filter search bar with advanced filter and shorting functionality

  • Designed edit page for dataset details

  • Designed a social share popup menu

  • Designed the side nav bar that expands on mouse hover

  • Designed the platform page compatible with responsive breakpoints for various screen resolutions and sizes

  • Removed the tooltip on the search bar

  • The share button popup now shows the user profile image instead of initials

  • Editing the location info in the dataset details page will not create an error in the dataset listing

  • Created the customised passwordless login pop-up message for returning users

  • Discontinued use of the showcase feature. Users who were using this are still able to access their showcases

September release: 2022.2.11

  • The public profile page now shows user uploaded public IC

  • Fixed the invalid token issues reset password message

  • The explore panel populates the most recently uploaded IC

  • Removed old profile page

  • Added tooltip text to 2 lines to start measuring and complete measuring.

August release: 2022.2.10

  • IC card now shows capture date, not upload date.

  • Explore panel now has most recently uploaded collections listed first.

  • Added tooltip for Make measurements

  • Added social media links in user profile API

August release: 2022.2.9

  • Changed the Scalebar measurement bounding to box format.

  • Users are now able to zoom to their current location based on their IP address or GPS if on a mobile device.

  • Users are now able to zoom in to the pixel level of an image (10mm).

  • Redesigned Zoom in and Zoom out buttons.

  • Designed a Toggle Satellite view vs a Map View.

July release: 2022.2.8

  • Users are now able to log in with either their username or email address.

  • A new Passwordless login design was implemented.

  • A new Magic link expired design was implemented.

  • The autogenerated user name in passwordless login was removed.

  • A duplicate error banner was removed from the top right hand corner.

July release: 2022.2.7

  • When an Image Collection is zipped in the server and ready to download, an email is now sent to the user with the subject "Image download package available" with a new UI.

  • When Orthomosiacs have been processed they are now sent to the user with updated UI.

  • Email UI design for email verification updated.

  • Error message for password security requirements shows up during signup/login.

June release: 2022.2.6

  • Allow user to set up the password after using passwordless login

  • Adjust default profile pic when user is not logged in

  • Fixed the overflowing text in user profile showcases

  • Added sharing shortcut for user’s own profile

  • Added sharing shortcut for individual IC

June release: 2022.2.5

  • Resolved Raw image loading issue after orthomosaic is created

  • Improved “All Image Collection” loading

  • Added full “GeoNadir” logo to homepage

  • Increased label visibility of individual layer in “Create”

  • Added review options after successfully uploading images

  • Added additional image labels in Raw Image view for better tracking of uploaded images

May release: 2022.2.4

  • Introduced "Passwordless" log in

  • Added Total area and count for feature layer in “Create”

  • Correlated icon for circle features in “Create”

  • Added “create new user” link at home page

  • Fixed location indicator on data platform

  • Improved Image Collection loading issue on Explore sidebar

  • Misc bug fixed

May release: 2022.2.3

  • Removed the navigation limit along same latitude (so use can drag the base map like a globe now)

  • Linked the icon outline and fill color to the style of each feature layer user set up

  • Improved general loading speed

  • Added eye icon on the IC cards with orthomosic

  • Added a message indicating the absence of orthomosaic on the IC map page

  • Misc bugs fixed

April release: 2022.2.2

  • Added raw photo loading animation in Image Collection

  • Added clickable link for the new Image Collection in the displayed message once the upload is finished.

  • Removed tips from blocking Explore side panel

  • Added indication of orthomosaic (eye icons) in all Image Collection info cards

  • Fixed “search as I move the map” issues

  • Disabled drawing new feature if the layer is hidden

  • Added explanatory notes when cursor is hovering on top of clickable buttons

  • Allowed text wrap for long Image Collection names

  • Modified feature naming convention in Create for each layer

  • Increased of the GPS coordinates precision for point features in Create

  • Improved basemap loading speed

April release: 2022.2.1

  • Allowed user to add/remove one Image Collection to/from one or multiple showcases

  • Updated the design of the scale bar

  • Added animated loaders in user profiles, showcases, and map page

  • Fixed miscellaneous typos and metadata extraction error

  • Removed special character limits for naming Image Collection

  • Allowed “Back” button restore the page/extend user was previously on

  • Disable users from editing other user’s showcases

  • Fixed pop up windows in “Create” while deleting layers

March release: 2022.2.0

  • Launch of Brand new feature Create for users to draw point, line, polygon, text and circles on the map

  • Released “measure” function (inside the Create function)

  • Introduced new interactive user guide and feedback button (life ring at the bottom right corner)

  • Management of multiple showcases made easier

  • Updated the sidebar menu icons & labels

  • Improved the scale bar and credits contrast

  • Improved orthomosaic publishing workflow

  • Fixed adding Image Collections to multiple showcases issue

  • Fixed zoom scale varying issue

  • Fixed user profile loading issue

  • Allowed special characters in Image Collection names

  • Misc bugs fixed

February release: 2022.1.0

  • Added “scale bar” to all maps

  • Added base map credits to all maps

  • Misc bugs fixed

November release: 2021.3.0

  • Added a “Showcase” feature that allows users to save and share their favorite Image Collection for later usage.

  • Converted basemap to Esri basemap

  • Optimized WMS for beta testers

October release: 2021.2.3

  • Optimized UI design

  • Misc bugs fixed

July release: 2021.2.2

  • Optimized orthomosaic loading speed

  • Allowed users to toggle the orthomosaic on and off on the main explore page

  • Added indicator for orthomosaic on Image Collection card (that little eye icon!)

June release: 2021.2.1

  • Integrated with GeoServer

  • Updated the access of downloading images

  • Misc bugs fixed

May release: 2021.2.0

  • Provided free orthomosaic generation for all Image Collections with decent images and flight lines

  • Added “Map” tab for Image Collections to visualize the orthomosaic of the datasets

  • Published new design color themes and logos

April release: 2021.1.2

  • Established sea cucumber datahunt campaign

  • Optimized data upload UI

  • Added “Search as I move the map” function

  • Added “Advanced search” filters - category

March release: 2021.1.1

  • Fixed internet/browser interruption while uploading

  • Added reminder for user uploading bad images (non-geo tagged drone images)

  • Optimized large dataset uploading flow

  • Supported different browser

  • Tested orthomosaic generation with uploaded Image Collections.

January release: 2021.1.0

Beta Release

  • Released for data uploading

  • Opened for new user sign up

  • Fixed thumbnail showing problem in an image collection “raw image” tab

  • Fixed email verification for new user sign up

  • Fixed email notification for user forgot password

  • Fixed “search” function

  • Improved UI features

  • Improved image upload speed

  • Optimized front-end image loading speed

  • Updated home page (FAQ, terms of use & support)

December release: 2020.0.1

Pre-Beta Release

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