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Introducing GeoNadir workspaces
Introducing GeoNadir workspaces

Workspaces allow you to navigate your datasets and project in a team environment with your collaborators and stakeholders

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Who can use this feature

All users on the GeoNadir web app will have access to their own workspace/s

With our ongoing mission to help people collaborate with Earth observation data and to make drone mapping even better, we are excited to launch our workspace model. All data and projects sit within a workspace, and you can manage access and collaboration at the workspace global level.

How will workspaces benefit me?

Workspaces simplify collaboration within teams and between drone pilots and their clients. Here are some examples:

  • Organization with multiple pilots capturing the data, while other staff need to access the data. This organization would have a single workspace where all pilots upload to the common area, and all staff are able to access it. If staff leave the organization, the data stays in the organizational workspace, protecting the organization from losing data on personal user accounts.

  • Large organization with multiple departments. This organization can consolidate their account within a single billing portal containing multiple workspaces. Each department can have their own workspace at the appropriate subscription level to meet their needs.

  • Organization that sub-contracts drone pilots to capture data for them. The organization can grant access to the workspace or individual projects on an as-needs basis to allow pilots to upload data. Importantly, the data will belong to and be retained by the organization.

  • Drone pilot contracting to another organization / client. Pilot can create a workspace for the client, ensuring that all of their data and projects are contained in a single location and cannot be cross-contaminated with datasets from other clients. This is an effective way to share the data once captured and processed, and the pilot can transfer ownership of the workspace to the client at any point.

  • Researchers. Multi-agency teams can work collaboratively on mapping projects and easily share data while maintaining privacy if required. Where open data policies exist for publicly funded research, teams can control what data are shared and when.

  • Educators. From school groups to university courses and community workshops, a workspace will keep your content and student / participant contributions in one place.

What is the difference between a dataset, a project, and a workspace?

In short, datasets + projects + member management = a workspace.

A dataset consists of the uploaded raw drone images, its processed orthomosaic (RGB / multispectral / thermal as necessary), digital surface model (DSM), and digital terrain model (DTM). Datasets may or may not be contained inside a project. A single dataset can also be added to multiple different projects.

A project is a collection of datasets and vector layers (points, lines, polygons) with a specific mapping purpose or location. For example 'weeds in coastal southern California'. You can invite collaborators into specific projects and they will have access to the data within.

A workspace is the overarching container for ALL your projects and datasets. It allows you to easily invite members into this shared space where you can collectively upload / process data and create / edit projects together.

What are the workspace subscription plans?

There are three different workspace subscription plans:

  1. Essentials

  2. Professional

  3. Pro + (formerly 'Enterprise)

For our most up to date pricing and features / limits available at each level, please visit

What happens to my current account?

Your current account and any subscription has been automatically migrated into the workspace model. If you currently have an Essentials (free) account, you will be the proud owner of a new Essentials workspace under your profile. Same goes for those on Professional plans. If you are currently under an Enterprise or Custom plan, this is now a Pro + workspace. The Pro + plan has all the goodies of your Enterprise / Custom plan, but just a new name.

How many workspaces can I have?

You can be a member or guest of unlimited workspaces that others have invited you into.

However at this time you can only own one workspace, but this will change in the very near future.

What is the difference between a member and guest?

If you invite another person into a specific project, this will give them guest access to your workspace. This means that they will be able to see the project itself, as well as the datasets contained within it. They will not be able to access any other projects or datasets in that workspace unless they are subsequently added into the project they have been given access to.

If you invite another person into your workspace (Professional and Pro + workspaces only), that person will have access to all the projects and datasets contained within. You can still decide if you would like them to have edit, comment, or view only access to that content.

What are the different levels of access?

A full article specifically on workspace and project levels can be read here.

You can assign different roles to those who join your workspace, based on your subscription plan as detailed in the table below. The role assigned at the workspace level is global. This means that it applies to all projects.

You can still elevate a member in specific projects. For example if you have given someone Viewer access to the workspace (i.e. they will see all datasets and projects), you can independently given them editing access to a specific project.

You can modify access levels of any member or guest anytime you like.



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Do I need to do anything to prepare for the transition?

For the most part, this has occurred automatically and you don't need to do anything.

However, If you are part of an organization where multiple people have been uploading data on their own personal GeoNadir account and you would instead like to have a consolidated approach, please get in touch.

Coming soon

We are constantly developing GeoNadir to keep to our commitment of making drone mapping even better. Keep an eye out for some of the enhancements we have planned for workspaces:

  • Creating a new workspace

  • Deleting workspaces

  • Changing ownership

  • Uploading an icon for your workspace identifier

  • Modifying default settings (e.g. changing from metric to imperial; turning off FAIR contribution)

We have many more innovations on the horizon. If there's something you'd like to see, please get in touch!

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